At First There Was One
Waiting At the Front Door of the World
June 2, 2008
Once upon a time there was a little Samoyed puppy named Sarge. He was the only puppy in the house and he
wondered if there were more out there.
He would look out into the world from where he lived and wonder about this
Oct 9, 2008
Sarge traveled far away to Topeka Kansas and his mom and dad brought back another one with
them and called him Jordan
And then there were two and all was good
May 11, 2009
And then one day Sarge went away and was gone without Jordan. But mom and dad kept telling Jordan that
Sarge would be home soon with a new friend.
So he waited....
May 25, 2009
Finally that day came and Sarge brought home a new friend called Nike.
And then there were three, and life again, was good
To be continued........