Jordan was a total surprise to us.
We took Sarge to the Samoyed Nationals. While we were there we met
Cruiser. Well, we had seen White Magic's website before going there and had
admired Cruise, so when we got to meet him, we were awestruck. Oh he was spectacular, we thought.

Our handler, Anna Morgan, came to us the last day we were there and said,
"I know you are looking for a female, but there is a 3 1/2 mo old male here that I think will be a Specialty dog. Come look."

Well, there were 2 of the cutest puppies, from Cruiser and CH Cotton Pickin Pink Lady of Polar Mist, Fancy. Marge Goodenough had brought them
and they were for sale. We had second pick and luckily the one Anna told me was the keeper, was the one we got.

Anna brought him home with her, entrusted to the care of her 2 year old daughter Brooklyn. And believe me, Brooklyn took care of him for us! To
the point that when we went to pick him up 4 days later, Brooklyn actually thought he was hers! Oh the tears and oh how bad we felt!

The first thing Jordan did when he came into our house was to climb on top of the coffee table. Well, Sarge had spent enough time under it,
snagging things, Jordan may as well use the top! The second thing he did was to empty out the toy basket and find all the bones. He became the
toy and bone chewer. He came to love the soft toys so much that his favorite hedgehog has been replaced 3 times.

For the first month and a half Sarge and he played and wrestled and pretty much kept each other occupied. Suddenly one day, Jordan came up
and looked at me and licked me. It was like he was saying, "Hey, who are you?"

From that point on, his gentle personality emerged. He has been very easy to train. And he picked up the show ring aspect very quickly and easily.

Jordan finished his championship in just 3 months. We really think he may have finished sooner, as he went Reserve winner to Sarge 4 times! He
has beautiful movement, is very light on his feet, and has a gorgeous tail set.
10/04/08 Samoyed Nationals
Jordan, front, with breeder Marge Goodenough Cotton Pickin Samoyeds