Nike's Story

Nike came to us finally in May of 2009. She is the result of diligently waiting for a pick female to become our foundation bitch. We
passed on 4 other litters, once because we had brought Jordan back from the Nationals and the other 3 times because there
weren't enough females. Finally Rowdy and Goodie had a litter of 5 females & 1 male & we were given first pick.

So we all anxiously waited, some of us more than others..

Anna brought Nike home for us when she took Sarge to Barbary Coast to show. Oh boy, when we first got to see her we were so
pleased! What a little firecracker. Sassy and cute, what an attitude! She isn't afraid of anything and gives both Sarge and Jordan
a run for their money.

We are really excited and can't wait for her to turn 6 mos. Look for her
show debut at Santa Rose in August 09.
If she can stay out of the dishwasher long enough.......
Jordan waiting for Sarge and Nike
to come home
Hey Jordan, did you hear she is