Sarge's Story
Sarge came to us from Glacier Samoyeds in Texas. We
were just looking for a pet Samoyed, but as fate would
have it, they had puppies available to show homes.
What the heck we thought, let's give it a try.

The first thing he did when he arrived at his new home
was to give us a bit of insight into what his
personality would be. He stole my son's size 13 shoes
and carried them though the house. And that would
become his trademark. Steal what wasn't his but come
show you first before diving under the coffee table.
Rolled up bid plans, oven mitts, sponges, hair
scrunches. Forget and leave the bathroom door open? No
problem, out comes the toilet paper roll. Leave the
laundry room door open? His favorite! Steals socks out
of the dirty clothes.
Not paying enough attention to him?
He would be sure to grab something that would get your
But he always parades it by you first.

His love for attention certainly paid off in the show

Our first show dog. What an amazing boy that got us
hooked on showing and breeding.